About Us

About Us

Cayrop is a platform that brings together gamers and game developers all in one place. We make games for the metaverse, where players can interact with each other in a shared environment. Our goal is to help people connect through their love of games.

Our platform offers something for both gamers and game developers. Gamers can explore new metaverse games and trade game items with other players around the world. For game developers, Cayrop provides a way to create, monetize and distribute their metaverse games and game items.

At Cayrop, we believe in the power of play. And we believe that games are more fun when they're shared with other people. That's why we created a platform where gamers and game developers can interact with each other in a shared environment.

What is Cayrop Platform?

Cayrop is a decentralized platform for buying and selling digital assets. The Cayrop platform includes an exchange gateway, which enables anybody to post offers, such as demanding goods or services that players can provide, encouraging trading activity for all tokens listed on the exchange. Developers can easily list their items on the Cayrop platform for a small fee, giving them maximum exposure for their creations. Players can also make money by stacking their virtual goods and earning tokens.

What is Cayrop Ecosystem?

Cayrop is an ecosystem for gamers, developers, and companies to work together to create innovative solutions for the future of gaming. With Cayrop's suite of services tools, developers can create ultra-immersive games and experiences that blur the line between the real and digital worlds. Gamers can play video games and interact with others, while also contributing to a community in which their ideas are used to develop new content for other users. And companies can create their own games or invest in other games through the Cayrop ecosystem.

Who is the Founder of Cayrop?

Ilyas Mutlu, a young entrepreneur and software developer, is the founder and CEO of Cayrop. He has 5+ years of experience across multiple industries and is an expert in software development and project management.

Ilyas developed a passion for business and software at a young age. He started several companies while still in high school. Over time, he has gained experience developing various business models projects

Cayrop tokens can be used in the following areas:

  • In-game item purchases

  • Marketplace item trading

  • Tournament participation and prize pool

  • In-game economy

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