What is a Meta-Human?

What is a Meta-Human?

In the comics, movies, and TV shows that feature superheroes, you’ll often hear the term meta human thrown around to describe some special ability that makes one person stand out above all others. What does this mean in the real world? We break down what metahumans are and how they relate to virtual reality technology below.

Meta human definition

The term meta human refers to people whose body has been augmented with cybernetic components, much like the character Robocop from the popular sci-fi franchise. But does it fall under the umbrella of virtual reality? Some say no. After all, VR describes computer-generated environments and/or experiences that we can interact with in real-time; and metahumans are essentially human beings who have had their bodies (and possibly minds) altered through advanced technology. When we talk about VR, what many people mean when they use that term is AR or augmented reality. In AR, objects and/or information are overlaid on top of our view of a physical world through goggles or special contact lenses. We don’t believe AR falls under the same definition as VR because there’s no physical presence within an alternate environment; we’re just visually experiencing things as if they were part of our everyday lives. To be clear, metahumans do not involve aliens: It’s also important to note that what I’m talking about here isn’t superhero fiction the meta-human classification doesn’t describe superheroes at all. Superheroes are characters with superhuman powers strength, speed, durability, etc. but these abilities derive from genetic modification or divine intervention rather than external cybernetic enhancements such as nanotechnology, which is where something like robotics would be applied for our purposes here.

The future of meta humanity

Many people have been talking about virtual reality as something that could drastically change our work and our lives. But, so far, all of these innovations have been focused on reality in some way VR for reality, if you will. What if we made an avatar that wasn’t based on your real body but rather on an enhanced version of your body? A meta-human can be used for virtual experiences that you can use to play games or immerse yourself in VR applications. The metahuman may not be entirely human it could wear a mask over its face or hands; it could include machine parts as well. imagine how much more valuable adding meta-human abilities could make your experience better! To chat with another player online instead of sending text messages back and forth, perhaps seeing them interact through real-time motion capture technology would be more exciting than simply reading their typed responses. To step into another world, you might find it easier to invest emotionally if you don’t look like yourself! For example: while many gamers seem to prefer realistic renderings of themselves when they enter fully immersive gaming worlds such as Minecraft, one fan even said he liked looking like himself when he played after experimenting with different appearance options  suggesting personal identity might take precedence over visual aesthetics.